Hi…I’m an inbound marketer who enjoys storytelling. As a marketer I have been trained to think in terms of objectives. These goals might include increasing brand awareness, increasing sales, improving customer engagement, etc. Typically after achieving those objectives, it is time to move on to the next set. I believe that it is important to successfully complete the required objectives as well as creating a compelling story. Storytelling plays an important part in describing more than feature and benefits, storytelling tells the world what you have to offer.When you tell a compelling story, you create an experience that will make people want to come back and share your story with their friends.

The function of marketing is to tell a compelling story about products and services through creative copy, images, typography and branding. When you create a convincing story that compels the individual to take a specific form of action you have completed a portion of your mission. There is a great deal of noise out in the world today, consumers are bombarded with advertisements everywhere they turn, in order to stand out from the noise you have to understand your ideal customers and what motivates them.